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Sustainable from the start

For people, for the environment

From blueprint to landscape, Tuscan Village was built to respect the plants and animals native to our local climate.

From the start, Tuscan Village was designed to reduce our human impact on the environment and highlight the natural beauty of the Northeast.

Tuscan Lake

Our impact begins with ripples on a lake

A cornerstone of our community, Tuscan Lake is a project that started with a small lake and grew to a 4-acre environmentally conscious ecosystem.

With the help of NH Environmental Services, Fisheries Biologists, Wetland Scientists, and GIS Specialists, we made sure the lake was something local wildlife would thrive in.

  • A wildlife program helps preserve native species to re-build the ecosystem
  • Native flora like blueberries, sweet peppers, birch trees, and Bulrush were re-introduced
  • Our disrupted Osprey habitat has been restored so they can mate and return for years to come

Impact by the numbers


less water used for landscaping


native plants introduced

10 Miles

of sustainable irrigation piping

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

Responsible landscaping with Rain Gardens

As a means of natural water filtration, the rain gardens at Tuscan village help mitigate flooding, treat runoff from polluted stormwater, and enhance green space in the area with curved water flow flood plains.

This puts our rain cycle to use rather than artificial means that could harm our aquatic wildlife.

Efficiency and Impact

Small details make a big impact

Tuscan Village explored various traditional and innovative techniques to conserve energy and make eco-friendly maintenance more efficient.

Snow Removal

Pet- and groundwater-safe salt is used on every street at Tuscan Village

LED Lighting

Streetscapes and events use LEDs on timers to optimize energy conservation


We consulted with Tighe & Bond to ensure integrity of environmental planning

Traffic Planning

Rotaries were used in place of traffic lights to save energy and save time for guests

Water Conservation

32,000 feet of drip tubing bring water to root zones and reduce water loss

More on Tuscan Village

How our vision came to life

Tuscan Village brings a downtown-like, cosmopolitan community experience to Salem to make residents proud and leave guests coveting a chance to return.


Leasing with us

If you or your business are looking for a new home, Tuscan Village offers unique options to support the community of Salem.

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