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Our Vision


Natural beauty, modern amenities

Tuscan Village combines walkable, natural spaces with the luxuries of living near a downtown.

Unlike other suburban developments, Tuscan Village prides itself on it’s use of natural spaces, making it less impactful to the environment while providing all the amenities of a metropolitan community.


It all began in Salem…

Local entrepreneur Joe Faro imagined a space that could bolster Salem’s economy by providing a home for national brands taking root alongside fellow NH entrepreneurs looking for a space to flourish.

Tuscan Village was born from this idea; an unforgettable member of the Tuscan Brands family where people of Salem can live, work, stay, and play.

Our Values

  • Authenticity

    Guests will feel our commitment to making a welcoming community

  • Attention to detail

    No detail is too small, no opportunity is overlooked to make something fantastic

  • Passion

    Our work is a labor of love; we hope guests will feel the joy our work bring us

  • Loyalty

    Our space is a commitment to tradition that leaves room for exploring new ideas

How we come to life

Events for all walks of life

Whether you’re looking for live music, a culinary treat, or a seasonal celebration, there’s always something to enjoy when you visit Tuscan Village.

An Experience for everyone

Whether you live here or you’re just visiting, Tuscan Village has adventures for everyone. Try fly fishing or kayaking with the team at LL Bean, or take in the natural beauty of New Hampshire with our placid ponds and spacious dog parks.

Opportunities in every corner

With shops and businesses of all kinds at Tuscan Village, there are opportunities popping up all the time for anyone looking to start a new career.


More on Tuscan Village

Sustainability Pledge

We pledge to take less from the environment while giving something great to our community. Take enjoy peace of mind while sharing this space with us.


Leasing with us

If you or your business are looking for a new home, Tuscan Village offers unique options to support the community of Salem.

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